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Summer Date Ideas

A group of people purchasing food from a food truck.

When was the last time you went on a date? If it’s been a while, take advantage of the summer to go on some fun dates! The longer days and warmer weather combine for the perfect time to go on adventures and make memories, which is why we’ve decided to share with you some summer date ideas in this week’s 2424 Penn Apartments Blog. 

Outdoor Movie

If you’re bored of the same old movie experience, we suggest an outdoor movie! If the weather is nice, it makes for a unique experience while you watch a great movie. Although the setup of an outdoor movie can seem a little daunting, all you need is a projector, a white sheet and a table to set the projector on. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of gathering those things, you can look around the local Washington D.C. area for a drive-in or an outdoor movie event at a pool.  

Food Truck Hopping

Do you enjoy eating? Does your date share that same passion? If so, going food truck hopping is a great date idea. Instead of going all out at each food truck, we suggest sampling and sharing the most appealing items on the menu and try to hit as many trucks as you can! By the end of the night, you’ll be full after having tried a variety of unique food truck menu items, so prepare yourself for that eventuality. If you aren’t able to find a food truck rally, it can still be fun to travel around to the various food trucks, enjoying the rides in between your stops. 

Visit Ice Cream Shops

Have a cooling date by visiting multiple ice cream shops! Escaping the sweltering heat and indulging in some creamy desserts make for a fun time. You can try all of the ice cream shops and deliberate about which one offered your favorites of the night. If you both come to a consensus, you can go on another date there at a future time (assuming the date goes well).