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How to Take a Staycation

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Hello again from 2424 Penn Blog. We know that not everyone gets the luxury of a spring break, and that those who do aren’t always able to travel to some sunny island far away. Personally, we think you deserve a break — even if it’s right here in your Washington D.C. apartment! Whether you have multiple days off of school or work or you just have a weekend, you can turn staying in your house into a vacation, or as we like to call it, a staycation. Consider these simple ideas as you plan out a relaxing, adventurous, and refreshing experience, all based out of your home:

Mark It On Your Agenda

Since you would definitely set aside time for a vacation in advance by putting it on the calendar, make sure you take your staycation just as seriously; if you plan it ahead of time, it’s more likely to happen. Even more, spend time getting ready for your staycation. Get your home nice and clean so you aren’t stressed out; let people know you will be unavailable during your designated staycation time; make a decision about how you want to spend your time. Doing these things will make it feel more like a designated break and less like being bored at home.

Choose to Be Offline

Just like how electronics can distract us from getting work done, they can also detract from the time we set aside specifically for ourselves. As you’re getting ready to take your staycation, make sure to choose some activities that you can do without your phone so your work emails or social media feeds don’t distract you. Now of course, it might be fun to wind down at the end of the night with a good film, so don’t worry about going completely screen free. In short, be as conscious as you can about how you use your devices during this staycation.

Rediscover Your Own Community

When you plan out activities to do on your staycation, find things that you can do right here in our community. Perhaps there’s a street downtown you’ve been wanting to explore for ages; maybe you’d like to check another local excursion in nature off your list; you might even want to visit one of the many museums in the city that you haven’t been to before. Ask yourself the question, “what would a tourist do if they came to Washington?” If any of your answers sound fun or interesting, go do them! Use your apartment as your base and go anywhere you’d like to that won’t take more than a day to explore.

Treat Yourself

Lastly, don’t forget to treat yourself. For each person, this will look a little different. If you enjoy being pampered, go to a nearby spa for a facial or a pedicure. For all you foodies out there, choose a restaurant that’s out of your day-to-day price range and order your favorite dish. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a new pair of shoes for the past few months. Now’s the perfect time to get them! Staycations are about helping you feel better equipped to face the rigors of your regular life, so do whatever you need to do to feel rejuvenated.


Thanks for reading our post today, and happy staycationing!