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Getting Better Sleep

A girl lying down asleep while cuddling her dog

A good night’s sleep is such an important component of your well-being that 2424 Penn Blog is bringing you our best suggestions to help you sleep better in your Washington D.C. apartment this month and every month to come! Here are our top tips:


Were you aware that getting regular exercise not only helps you maintain your physical health but also improves the quality of your sleep? That’s right, choosing to work out during the day will also positively influence how well you sleep at night. Whether you prefer to stop by the gym before work or take an evening jog upon getting home, developing a consistent exercise routine will help you sleep deeper at night, and in turn, it will help you be more alert during the day.

Power Down

How many times a week do you end up dozing off to sleep with your cell phone in your hand? Because everyone seems to do it, it seems insignificant, but the blue light emitted by any electronic devices you may be taking into bed with you is actually proven to be detrimental to your sleep health. We recommend turning off tablets, computers, smartphones, and any other blue light sources an hour before you climb into bed.

Develop a Pre-Bedtime Ritual

We as individuals are often drawn toward consistent daily routines, and our bodies love them, too. At night time, it’s no different. Establishing a pre-bedtime ritual — be it brewing a soothing cup of herbal tea or reading a book or practicing meditation — will send the signal to your body that the day is through and it is time to go to sleep.

Regulate Temperature and Light

While some of you may have become accustomed to falling asleep to a variety of levels of light and temperatures in your bedroom, these two things can significantly affect the quality of the sleep you’re getting. Find a temperature that will be comfortable for you not just at the time you fall asleep, but throughout the night. As for light, the best sleep always happens in the darkest possible settings. Start by remembering to draw the blinds at night. If that still doesn’t block out all the light from coming into your room, we recommend spending a few dollars on an inexpensive sleep mask from a local department store.

We hope this post will lead to healthier lives and happier nights. Thanks for reading. Sleep well tonight!