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DIY Floral Crafts for Spring

flowers crafted out of pipe cleaners, doilies, and bows.

2424 Penn Blog welcomes you to the month of April! Spring has officially sprung, and we hope our community reaps the benefits of the new life that this season brings every year. To help you get in the springtime spirit, we’re here to share some decorations you can make yourself so that your Washington D.C. apartment can look the part. Since spring is the season for the natural world to start growing again, we thought we’d give you three flower-themed DIY projects. Try one of the following this month:

Hanging Flower Chandelier

For anyone who enjoys fresh flowers, this chandelier will look great hanging over your kitchen table. Head to a local flower shop and pick out a bouquet of your favorite long-stemmed flowers, like Snapdragons or Bells of Ireland. Using an embroidery hoop, washi tape, clear thread, a needle, and a small metal clip, create a circular ring of upside down flowers! It will be fun to watch as they slowly dry, and the nice part is, they’ll still look just as festive even after they aren’t fresh anymore.

Umbrella Wreath

When was the last time you changed the decorations on your front door? This spring, make this stunning umbrella wreath to distinguish your apartment from your neighbors. You’ll need a solid-colored umbrella will a traditional curved handle, your choice of artificial or fresh flowers, and matching ribbons to tie it all together. While artificial flowers will last much longer (you could even reuse the wreath multiple years in a row), fresh flowers add a fun natural element for guest to enjoy as they enter your home. Not to mention, they smell like a dream!

Swirly Paper Flowers

If you’re looking for a project that requires a bit more time to craft together, then these paper flowers are right up your ally. All you need is colored paper, scissors, and glue; the final product is surprisingly impressive! When you’ve finished, you’ll have a bouquet of swirly flowers to put in your entryway, on your kitchen table, or wherever you choose.


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