Aug 17

Visit the International Spy Museum

Visit the International Spy Museum

The International Spy Museum is not your typical type of museum. Learn fascinating stories about espionage, unexplained events, and the dangerous, yet exhilarating life of an international spy in the 2424 Penn Apartments Blog. Visit the museum this month and learn about this secretive and mysterious profession.


About the Museum

“The International Spy Museum in Washington, DC dedicates its time and space to educating the general public on the techniques of one of the most intriguing trades to ever overthrow a leader, win a war, or go through the trash bags of the rich and famous. In an attempt to shed light on the veiled but pivotal roles played by spies throughout history, the museum strives to portray the art of espionage in an educational and non-biased format, at the same time showing the intricacies of the men and women driven to this lifestyle of lies and secrets.


Opened in 2002, this collection is the largest ever displayed in a public setting. Several items have been revealed to the general public for the very first time,  ranging from James Bond kitsch to the very real and historically significant. When you tire of observing relics of missions past and Mission Impossible, there is an interactive program that takes you through an hour-long spy adventure with you playing the part of the undercover agent, walking in the footsteps of the sly masters of the spy craft.”


Objects of Intrigue

Feast your eyes on this collection of over 140 different artifacts and items held within the museum, as well as the fascinating and intriguing stories about them and their relation to the world of spies.


Extraordinary Sights of the World

Wet your appetite for travel as you take a virtual tour around the world to see some of the world’s most unusual sites and discoveries.


Rare Books

We did a little spying of our own and found all sorts of rare books and collections of rare books around the world. Browse these odd and mysterious books.


Intrigued? We sure are! Satisfy your curiosity with an adventurous trip to the International Spy Museum this month! Thanks for reading our post!

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