Dec 17

Make Your Own Christmas Stocking

Make Your Own Christmas Stocking

Homemade is better than storebought in many cases. Why buy a generic holiday stocking from the store when you can make your own personalized one in your apartment? The 2424 Penn Apartments Blog is sharing some DIY holiday stocking ideas to help you create a one-of-a-kind holiday stocking.


Denim Holiday Stocking from Nebraska Views

Have an old pair of denim jeans lying around? Turn your worn out jeans into a fun and unique holiday stocking that looks both vintage and western. If you don’t have an old pair of jeans to use, find one at your favorite thrift store nearby.


Holiday Stocking from a Sweater from An Extraordinary Day

Turn an old holiday or cable-knit sweater into a festive stocking to hang on your mantle by following this tutorial. If you don’t have an old sweater to use, visit your favorite local thrift store to find one to repurpose.


Wool Woodland Stockings from Martha Stewart Living

Express your love for nature by making one of these cozy wool stockings adorned with felt images of woodland creatures. Here is a list of all the materials and tools you will need: colored tailor’s chalk pencil, wool fabric, 2 mm wool felt, pinking shears, a cutting mat, screw punch, fabric glue, felt animals, and a sewing machine with sewing supplies.


Burlap Christmas Stocking from Craft Passion

Mix fabrics and textures with these adorable burlap stockings! Click on the link to view the list of materials and tools you will need, get the pattern template, and see the full step-by-step tutorial. You won’t be able to find a stocking like this in the stores.


Upcycled Quilt Stocking from HGTV

Turn an old quilt into some charming stockings with the help of this tutorial. You will need a cutter quilt or spread, paper or cardboard for making the template, scissors, pins, all-purpose thread, and coordinating ribbon.


Thanks for reading this post. Feel free to share any of your own DIY Christmas stocking ideas with us in the comments. Enjoy crafting as you prepare for the holidays here in Washington D.C.!

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