Nov 17

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving is a time for bringing people together and expressing thanks for all that we have. Enjoy some quality time with your friends and family this month by playing some of these Thanksgiving-themed games together in your apartment. Keep reading for some game suggestions from the 2424 Penn Blog.


DIY Turkey Bowling from Kiwi Co

Use ten water bottles decorated like turkeys as bowling pins and a ball to play a fun game of turkey bowling. Keep the water bottles from falling over too easily by filling them up halfway with water. Use googly eyes, card stock or colored construction paper, scissors, glue and colored craft feathers to decorate the water bottle pins.


Thanksgiving Mad Libs from My Sister’s Suitcase

Come up with a hilarious Thanksgiving-themed story with everyone’s suggestions to fill in the blanks. Be prepared for a completely ridiculous story or one that makes absolutely no sense at all. Make your own mad libs stories or use the pre-made and printable versions from My Sister’s Suitcase that you will find by clicking on the link above.


Turkey Egg Hunt

Put together an egg hunt just like you would for Easter, but call it a turkey egg hunt to make it sound more fitting for the holiday. Add a fun twist like you have to gobble like a turkey every time you find an egg! Make it a holiday tradition that everyone will enjoy.


Don’t Topple the Teepee from The Inspired Treehouse

Construct a teepee out of pencils, twigs, or chopsticks and a loop made from a paper cup or segment of a paper towel roll and take turns removing a stick without causing the whole teepee to come crashing down. This game is a good test of each player’s fine motor skills.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving games to play with your family and friends around Thanksgiving time here in Washington, D.C.? Share your ideas with us so we can try them out too! Thanks for reading our post and have a Thanksgiving full of great food and good memories.

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